Fender 1964 Precision Bass, S/N L37050

Ampeg 1969 Blue Line SVT S/N BB871596 

On stage gear

Amps & speakers

Fender 1964 Bassman (the "Stevie Ray Vaughn-amp") transition model (Blond Ct) / Blackface head.  

Fender 1964 Super Reverb amp (the "Derek Trucks-amp") Blackface - Fender Electrical Instruments-area. 

Serviced, a real player, not 100% original: caps replaced, 2 original old Fender Alnico speakers and 2 Kendrick black frames, 2 6L6 tubes. 


Les Paul Custom USA, SN 91085363, bought in Warner Robins, GA, USA (near Macon, GA). Autographed by Warren Haynes and Derek Trucks.

Acoustic guitars and a 2008 National Resophonic Vintage Steel Delphi 


Hammond B3 stage organ. This truely is a monster, actually it's one of a few first generation Hammonds which is dated 1974. A100 engine.

Organ bought from famous English  jazz organ player Mike Carr, check out:

My stage organ being played by the phenomenal Pascal Lanslots