Meet & Greet with Gregg Allman

Hi folks, the ' fan' in me has kept me waiting for 1,5 hours to meet Gregg Allman - who played the Paradiso, Amsterdam 24-07-2015. When I started waiting beside the venue, having nice chats with a couple of fans, we were with say  8 people. When soundcheck was over there was about 30, so I didn't think he would spend time singing. Luckily a nice guy told me he'd seen Gregg around his hotel, so that's where I went and with only 3 fans he took some time. Good I recognised Chank Middleton, his long time friend and bodyguard, so Chank took a couple of pictures. Check out Statesboro Blues and - just after Gregg announced that Mama A. had passed away the night before, at age 98, this version of Cross to Bear

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