Don't overlook Gov't Mule featuring John Scofield - Sco*Mule

Hi everybody. You know, it's easy to underestimate or overlook a record in nowadays flood of releases. I've been looking forward to Gov't Mule featuring John Scofield - Sco*Mule ever since I first learned it would be released, celebrating 20 years of Gov't Mule. Since I got it a couple of weeks ago, I didn't play much else. Oh yeah, and immediately bought the vinyl version. Recommended!


This record is a KILLER for any guitar lover and jamband-, Warren Haynes-, John Scofield- or Gov't Mule-, jazz- lover. It's a sincere tribute to the late Allen Woody - who again shows he was one of the best ever to be alive, if not the baddest of all. He took what he needed from Berry (Oakley) and took it to the next level. OMG are you a bass player? You could spend hours only listening to the bass parts!

Matt Abts is... well he's Matt Abts. You're a drummer? You could spend hours... Killer stuff, and there's Dr. Dan Matrazzo on keyboards. You're a keyboard player? And so on...


And last but not least there's the 2 giants. Listen to Warrens solo on Pass The Peas, just to name one. He's taking it ALL THE WAY. John is in outstanding shape as well, showing he can do it all. For instance, take the Kind of Bird on the vinyl release. Since this is an Allman Brothers song from the Dickey - Warren episode, it's kinda logical John does the Dickey parts. John Scofield doing the Dickey Betts parts? Hell yeah, somewhere 3/4 down this song you find yourself in a Live At Fillmore East deja vu.


This record makes you think of the kind of projects Duane - and Oakley - would have been doing if they would have lived longer, such as a multi genre jazz/fusion/rock jamproject. Recommended reading on AllAboutJazz, a nice clip from one of my favorites, Tom Thumb. And some photo's of the author. Enjoy folks.

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